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    Lacing Up His Arm

    I’m sure there are plenty of practical uses for this. Like, umm, uhhh, ok, there aren’t any. Just looking like a freak, that’s all.

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    Safety First

    Even though she’s chubby, ugly and always pouting, it’s good to have her around because you never know when you might need a safety pin. I’m thinking this one should actually go through both her lips so it can keep her mouth shut.

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    Nice Jewelry

    She certainly likes to accessorize. I wonder how she keeps her neck straight with all that shit weighing her down.

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    Pineapple Anyone?

    Would anybody care for some fresh pineapple? He’s got two ripe ones ready to slice open and enjoy. Just remove them from his cheeks and they’re all yours.

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    The Triple Lippy

    Plate lips are so old school. What’ s hot these days is ditching the plate and hooking up with your tightest homies. That’s how we get down in West Africa.

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    Pass Me A Coke

    Coca Cola Light has hardly any calories, so it isn’t filling his stomach up, but it sure does a great job filling his ear up. Why is everything echoing now?

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    Serenity Now

    Some people find serenity through peaceful surroundings and meditations, and others find it by putting their baby’s toys through holes in their face. He doesn’t look like the meditation type to me.

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    She Really Loves The X-Men

    Sure Wolverine is a coo superhero, but not cool enough to make me want to stick giant needles through my arm. I could probably understand if it was some 30 year old virgin guy, but this appears to be a chick that might actually be nice to look at.