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    White Trash Genghis Khan

    Most people can’t pull of the Genghis Khan goatee, and absolutely nobody can pull off white trash neck beard. This guy is going for the mix of the two, and guess what? Yup you guessed it, He looks like a idiot.

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    Your beard is Fabulous!!!!

    Who says gay dudes have to be clean shaven. Not this that that’s who, and hes proud to show you his fabulous beard and fresh nails.

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    The great hair migration

    People say my beard looks like its alive, and when I tell them it is they just laugh. Well this picture shows it is alive, it is aware of the climate, and obviously its winter.

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    What do you stand for?

    With all the LGBT rights and everything in the news one can assume he’s a strong supporter. Little to the known world Toucan Sam is locked in a terrible custody battle over his nephews and their mother. So big boy here decide to sport his favorite mascots colors.

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    The Real Santa

    Who knew that jolly ole soul is tatted from beard down. Maybe this whole time “ho, ho, ho” is when Santa’s nipple rings snag on the way down the chimney.

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    Osama Bin Longbeard

    He’s not a terrorist, hell he’s not even middle eastern…But one thing he is?..SteppingĀ  all over that beard.

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    Gran Daddy Purp

    Oh..This guy? Not exactly the first thing that came to mind, and I’m about 200% he’s not as cool as the first ideas that I had.

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    Osama Bin O’Neal

    This isn’t you’re every day leprechaun…You won’t find fun riddles, rainbows, or a pot of gold here…Just a stockpile of hostage videos, bio-weapons, and golden Ak-47’s.