Nerd Tattoos


Girls with tattoos can be sexy. Girls with nerd tattoos normally aren’t. I’m willing to bet she is the later. She also is a red head, and you might be interested in checking out her fire power up tattoo.

0 thoughts on “Nerd Tattoos

  • Illuminaughty says:

    It’s spelled LATTER, shit stain! And you have the double platinum balls to make fun of people with misspelled tattoos when you don’t know how to spell a simple word like latter? Or are you too zoned out on whatever the hell crack you’re on to notice such a typo before posting it on your shitty, unoriginal website? You should seriously be considering suicide at this point…enjoy your evening 🙂

  • Rowan Wildwood says:

    I seriously hope whatever you were going through at the time you wrote this comment is over, and you made it without committing suicide. Suicide is a tragedy and should never be taken lightly.

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