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    Take a whiff

    A perfect tattoo for that scumbag jokester we all know. Just make sure when it comes to fight time you’re not what your fingers should smell like. More

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    I mustache you a question

     I must ask why do you buy that overpriced crap? I’m not talking about the Starbucks, which is also overpriced crap, but the mustache wax&conditioners…You look like a chode, Stop. More

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    Taste the rainbow

    I hope this girls nickname is skittles. She’s almost ugly enough, but the eyebrow ring answers that for me really. Anyone with that poor of judgement is definitely named skittles and/or has a tattoo of their nick name. More

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    The dredded skullet

     Just cut it off bro. It’s better to loved and lost than to have never loved at all…and if you keep those you won’t get any love at all. More

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    Thats not rain

     I don’t know what the idea for this tattoo. All I do know is judging by color and origin, I don’t want anything to do with that rain storm. More

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    A itch you can’t scratch

     Man this guy is either suffering the itchiest optic nerve, or is a complete idiot. I’m going with the later, anyways he needs to watch or having a lazy eye won’t be his only problem. More

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    Woah a tattoo that is equally metal as it is trippy. This is a pretty wicked tattoo, but I think should be accompanied by more metal fractal tatts to even out the torso symmetric. More

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    Playing those head games

     Well this is a good piece of dumb knowledge. When a girl plays head games with you you feel like your life is over, and when your friend does the same apparently you have a great time. Another tid bit of knowledge for you is never cut your hair like this…it’s lame. More

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    Arrgh..this be a choice tattoo

     I have a friend who’s tatt’s are themed like this, and I hope if he does a back piece it’s as sweet as this one. Makes me want to be a pirate. Then I think about the scurvy and ship battles and that clears that up. More

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    Bourbon St. isn’t just for the kids

     Yes Bourbon St. is the best place for a tweenaged frat guy during Marti Gras, but gramps doesn’t care about that silly thing called age. He’s been dreaming about this week at the hop all year. Have fun man, and I would say get weird while you’re there but looks like your ahead of the […] More

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    Fuhwocious art

     That is a great tattoo of the champ, but it could be a little more kick ass. If only it was Mike with a piece of ear or with a crazy quote to show his craziness then it would worthy of the champs status. More

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    Mommies little warthog

     Man some of these hair styles they give animals are ridiculous. I will say though the warthog schnauzer is much more impressive than the lion Pomeranian or cat. More

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