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    Arrgh..this be a choice tattoo

     I have a friend who’s tatt’s are themed like this, and I hope if he does a back piece it’s as sweet as this one. Makes me want to be a pirate. Then I think about the scurvy and ship battles and that clears that up.

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    Fuhwocious art

     That is a great tattoo of the champ, but it could be a little more kick ass. If only it was Mike with a piece of ear or with a crazy quote to show his craziness then it would worthy of the champs status.

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    The dumbest weed tattoo

     What a idiotic tattoo. Now not only are cops and potential employers going to give you guff, but you look like you’re carrying around a cockroach on your thumb.

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    Avengers Assemble

    Finally, it’s been quite awhile since this site has had a good tattoo grace the pages. This makes me wish Magneto was the next villain to fight the Avengers. Then I could also have a movie of Juggernaut fighting the Hulk , which would be choice.

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    Nice Mcdonalds tattoo Donnie Darko

    What is that tattoo all about man, and what is with that rat? It looks like it’s a direct genetic descendant from Frank the bunny though. Either way it makes me want to watch that movie so I’m gonna hop on that now.   28:06:42:12

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    Defacing beauty

    Wow lady what were you thinking? Some chest tats on chicks can be sexy, but Ktulu is definitely not one of them.

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    Yeah, he’s innocent

    I hate it when people judge others just because they have tattoos, and might look a little rough around the edges. That being said this guy is guilty of whatever crime he did for sure, and his tattoo “artist” should be listed as the accomplice.

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    Ass-tonishing Tattoo

    I’ve met my share of Samoans, and I don’t know about the authenticity of this one. If this is true though we may have a group of people to blame for the explosion of the tramp stamp.

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    A little too sweet.

    What truthful advertising you have there man. Only problem is you look a little sweeter than white chocolate. Maybe whipped cream, powdered doughnut, or sugar cane would have been more suiting.