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    Feeling horny

    You look horny, and like a complete idiot. Not only are those Cracker Jacks quality, but they exacerbate your widows peak. Kids never ever get a face tattoo ok? More

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    League of Freaks

    Look out evil doers justice has a new face, and it’s covered in bad tattoos. I know you’ve probably noticed the seemingly normal guy in the back…Just wait till your find him in a black light lit room. More

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    The Frullet Family

    So when I was a kid I had a mullet, and I still shudder at the thought of it. The mullet was bad enough, but this is punishable by death. Just think, These kids will be rocking ICP face paint in just a few years. More

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    Danger Close

    I don’t know about this. All those assholes would be far to close to my face for comfort. It’s amazing all of them don’t get pink eye. More

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    Dragon Face

    Well I guess it’s one of those go big or go home type of deals. I think if you’re going to cover half your face just go ahead and to the rest what can it hurt? More

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    Russia’s ugly girl solution

    Russia is the first civilized country to address is population of butter faced women. Finally you don’t have to worry about Svetlana’s horrible face and nose combination distracting you from her model quality body. More

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    I’m back folks

    Something odd was up with the site, and I couldn’t get on it to do the updates. Don’t fear though because we are back in action, and wearing your wife’s Sundays best. More

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    I want tattoos

    I want tattoos, but I don’t know what I want…That’s the statement this guys face explains….or he wants to be Magneto? More

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    You don’t say?

    In today’s world it’s ok to have tattoos in the workplace. You can have an abundance of piercings, and it will be fine. The line crosser is the face tattoo….sorry bro you’re not Mike Tyson More

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