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    Hope you had a good one

    I hope all the viewers had a good Valentines Day. I’m not 100% if he got any by doing this to his back hair, but I admire his dedication to the holiday.

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    Pepperoni back

    Nice pepperoni pizza look you have there on your back. As if having your MDMA tattoo wasn’t enough you had to go get your back cupped to pieces.

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    I’m back folks

    Something odd was up with the site, and I couldn’t get on it to do the updates. Don’t fear though because we are back in action, and wearing your wife’s Sundays best.

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    I Got Your Back

    I wonder how much time he spent under the needle for this piece. That’s actually a pretty cool picture, but I don’t about having it cover my back. That’s for the hardcore freaks.

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    Unorthodox Acupuncture

    Who’s her acupuncturist? Her qi must be flowing hardcore right about now. Too bad her back pain hasn’t gone anywhere.