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    Snooki, what happened

    What happened to you Snooki…I mean you were never something to really look at, but damn. This woman looks like you could iron out all of her leather, and start your own Faux Louis Vuitton company.

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    So that’s the cons of LSD

    I’ve searched for proof of harmful effects of hallucinogenics forĀ  awhile now. Well that chapter of my life is over, and I can focus on more pressing matters. Now to find out if all the 12 year olds on xboxlive have actually had sex with my mother.

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    Mein call

    So he did make it out of the bunker and has eternal life. With that gut he’s growing it looks like the only thing he’s eradicating is the shelves of lager at the local liquor store.

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    Got that itis

    After a nice fill it’s something that creeps up on us all. Sooner or later that itis is going to get you, and the only cure is a nice 2-3 hour nap.

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    Just hanging out

    You can’t always be the skinniest, or the most attractive. This whole stomach hanging out ordeal can be avoided though so tuck it in or get introduced to tall tees.

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    Too much money, not enough sense

    Being Italian I’m big on gawdy gold jewelry, obviously this guy is like a advanced Italian. There’s no way I’d wear half of this…I’m lieing I’ll take those rings, and chains.

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    So many don’t do’s in this picture

    Where can we start on this guy. We have short jorts, denim unbuttoned shirt, fanny pack, back pack, Ron Jeremy hair, Josh Brolin goonies sweat band, tube top, and the worst part….Sock’s and Croc’s. Absolutely disgusting.

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    Perspective is always something to keep in mind. No matter if it is during a argument, or looking at a picture. This one for instance. How long did it take for you to see a foot, and big toe?

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    Grandma Akbar

    Grandma Akbar here has seen a lot go down…World War 2, the Afghanistan Russian war, Tupac, Biggie, Justin Bieber. This lady is older than the dirt she sleeps in, and harder than her rock pillow. Don’t mess with her.