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    Mommies little warthog

     Man some of these hair styles they give animals are ridiculous. I will say though the warthog schnauzer is much more impressive than the lion Pomeranian or cat. More

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    Tupac is still alive…

     Alive in our hearts that is. Man I really hope the fade sculpting comes back in style. I can’t wait to get my Nike swoosh and Air Jordan symbols back on my head. More

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    Mullet Weave

     Oh snap! Seems the mullet isn’t just for poor white people anymore, Sha’von just got her a weave mullet. To think someone paid the money for a weave job and got a mullet put on their head baffles me. More

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    She’s Unbeweaveable

     Wow and I thought it was a little too festive to go out and buy some fancy dress/suit for Easter. I hope she really really likes Easter to be rocking this for a few months, because even though that weave look cheap she’s not about to waste any money. More

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    Eyebrows Matter

    This baby looks like he can understand a single word that is being spoke to him, which is probably accurate. Take this lesson to heart all you fake/drawn on eyebrow ladies. All it takes is one wrong angle and we’re unsure how mad or confused you really are. More

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    Throwback rivals

    Who remembers this? I haven’t even heard the name Adidas outside of making fun of Russian mobsters in the last 5 years, and before that was when Pandora played the Korn song a few times. I’ll admit to rocking the Nike symbol when I was a little kid. More

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    Well look at you Mr. Jaguar. You blend in almost as well as your animal counterpart. The only thing you can blend is in if you’re hiding in Paris Hilton’s tackiest purse. More

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    What is it?

    I’m so glad I will never have interactions with this thing. Its bad enough when I’m on the phone with a “Sam”, and the voice is in that middle ground. How do you address it? More

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    When pranks go too far

    I’ve always told everyone if you’re going to prank me you better not cut any of my hair, or I’ll cut of their oxygen. I guess the upside to this guy is his culprit is near by, possibly limiting friendly fire. More

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    You’re still barely a man

    A few years ago havingĀ  a butt chin meant your chin was more distinguished, but now you can have a butt hair implant job to give you a “near-beard”. With all the hipsters trying to grow beards like us superior men, but you’re just pissing in the wind. More

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    True pothead

    Two states legalize weed and now it’s all people talk about. Also the super potheads are getting more ballsy and broadcasting it a little clearer. Trust me bro we already knew. Your hair isn’t saying anything your Gurkees haven’t already said. More

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    Epic beard lady

    Oh my god that is the most gnarly beard I’ve ever seen on a woman. I mean I’ve seen a few that were pretty bad, but damn. She gives me a run for my money. More

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