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    2014 Sochi Advertisements

    I’ve been told, that on one of these women Russian President Vladimir┬áPutin is painted her back. I think the person who told me that is full of it because all I’ve seen for the past 20 minutes are “Sochi 2014” and the Olympic rings.

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    My fair Prince.

    Man you really know the world is about to take a dump when the royal looks like a pin cushion…At least this princes big ears come fully decorated.

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    Sick body paint.

    This is some pretty rad Venom body painting going on here. Really the only way to have a better is to be a skimpy bikini painted onto Jennifer Aniston’s body

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    Well she does…

    Don’t get mad when people call you out…I didn’t get mad when I was told I look like Ryan Gosling, so suck it up.

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    Dis Many

    All I asked this man was how many days until Xbox one comes out…Didn’t anticipate his high-six he gave me before he left.

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    No left feet

    Most of the time when people are out dancing they are worried about their moves, or “dancing like they have two left feet”…Well look at these guys. It looks like they are dancing just fine with no left feet.

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    Synthol Man

    They said he could be anything, so he became a cloud…Seriously I don’t understand why anyone would do this, unless you suffer from little man syndrome this bad.