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    Bruce Lee was a cat man?

    Xiǎo Lóng(Little Dragon)? More like Xiǎo Māomī(Little Cat)….Bruce Lee you thought you could fool us, but we’re on to you

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    Congo 2: Born to be Wild

    I don’t know the story to this one, but I already like it more. Thank god Amy lost that talking arm thing “Amy,Amy, pretty gorilla” was so damn annoying.

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    Ballchinian Shepard

    What happened to you? At least we can tell if you’re warm or cold easier now. I would say you need to clear your throat, but I don’t have a kleenex or a sock for you.

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    Kill it! Quick!

    I’m not a fan of cats which is a common known fact. I can’t stand their attitudes or the high probability they are going to attack at any moment. Mix those terrible attributes with being a hairless demon…that’s what my nightmares are made of.

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    Gentleman Dog

    The only way this dog could get any more proper is to give it a monocle, and a horn pipe. I feel that after a long day of fetch he relaxes to a record of Mozart with a cup of fine brandy.

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    What is this?

    Is this just a clever photoshop, or is there something more to this. I actually think this is the boss from world 2 on Super Mario Brothers 2.