Jay D.

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    Wifebeater Suntan Freak

    Welcome to Freaky Mart sir. It seems your awesome suntan was brought to our attention, and we would like to honor your suntan…I mean sunburn. Just wait until he tries to sleep tonight.

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    Lieutenant Les McBurney

    Congratulations Lieutenant Les McBurney, your name is the greatest name in the history of firemen. No where has a fireman been more approriate that the great Mexican fireman Hose Firedown. He was great, but you are the real hero here!

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    Walmart Movie Night

    There is never anything to watch on TV anymore! So what do you do? You pack up the family and head out to Walmart. Maybe you want to see the new Monsters Inc movie, or heck a classic like The Rocky Horror Picture Show. He seems like he’s into some weird things in life.

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    Nailed It: Candy Lips

    She totally nailed those Candy Lips. I would say she is actually spot on for how amazing her lips look like the artistic vision on the top.

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    Just taking my Rooster for a ride

      You know your rooster gets tired of sitting at home all day, doing nothing. Why don’t you go take it for a ride. Maybe gas up the auto and have a good time. Hell, maybe you guys can even pick up few chicks!!!

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    What Celeb Sports This Freaky Tattoo?

    Can you match the celebs to their freaky tattoos? Some tattoos are ok, then some are just plain freaky. Just a hint, Ice Cone tattoo is one of the tattoos. Let’s see how well you know your celebrities or even know their tattoos. It’s fun and free. Click to check it out now.

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    When You Are Down, Just Hug A Deer

    You ever feel down and out? Maybe that’s because you haven’t hugged a deer today. So go get yourself a fawn, and get those arms ready for some hugging. Maybe even get your new deer friend it’s own bed. That will make your day super!

  • Dudes With G-strings


    Ladies Love My Thong

    The ladies just love a man with a thong. Plus they is so dang comfortable to wear. Be on the lookout for some men in thongs at a ‘Mart near you.

  • Freakishly Tall Chick

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    Freakishly Tall Chick

    At first I wanted to say this was a optical illusion, then after some serious photo studying (I was trying to see her underwear) I have come to the conlcusion she is freakishly tall. That or the other chick is freakishly short, which might be very true too.

  • Full Circle Beard Face


    Mr. Full Circle of Beard Face

    This dude know’s style! He’s got a full beard, and hair. Yet he doesn’t have any of that. That’s the full circle beard face. Not many people can pull off this look, of course there is a reason for that.