Adam H.

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    Flaming Eagle

    Who do you think is the bigger flamer, him or the eagle? The half and half hair look goes great with the forehead tattoo. Especially if you’re in prison.

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    Gotta Hand It To Him

    I wonder how many words he can type a minute with those nubby little deformed fingers of his. I bet he’s got some special tricks he can do to really please the ladies.

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    Pretty Woman On The Train

    Train rides are always much better if there is a hot chick you can look at. And if not, a creepy cross-dressing old guy is pretty entertaining too.

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    She’s Out Of This World

    She might be from another planet, but that could be the sexiest alien I’ve ever seen. Much hotter than ET.

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    Such Pretty Toes

    I have to wonder if she wears shoes, and if so, what kind.

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    Going For A Stroll

    Nothing to see here. Just a good mother taking her baby out for a walk.

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    Knock, Knock

    I’ve been wondering what happened to my door knocker, and here it is. It looked better on my front door.

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    A Good Hair Day

    That trip to the hair salon was well worth the money. His self-esteem has never been higher.

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    Everybody Loves Clowns

    Bozo The Clown’s career has really gone downhill over the years. It’s a little sad to see, but I guess that’s just how it goes.

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    Who Does Your Nails?

    I wonder how much nail polish he goes through. It’s got to be pricey to keep his fingers looking colorful and repulsive like that.