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    Catching a few zah’s

    Wow when I thought it couldn’t get any worse now they are sleeping in the isles too. Someone please pull the release on the transmission on this cart, and watch how fast he walks his self to the exit.

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    Drag Racing Wal-Mart

      You thought racing your friends was hardcore?…The one in the blue is rising star of the supermarket, and the red is known for having the fastest speeds in the quarter isle.

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    She Should Be Pants Shopping

    Somebody should do everyone a favor and direct her to the pants aisle. Maybe she can find a pair that fits. Or at least a blanket to cover that mess up.

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    Lick At The Split

    Nobody wants to lick at the split. You would hope someone realizes when they aren’t fitting in their clothes.  I can understand her shorts being a size too small, but not 10 sizes.