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    Cleaning up the streets

    Who says you have to be a super hero to clean up the streets? He’s doing his part, and has lifted so much dirt and pet dander from the streets. Where is his key to the city.

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    No Regerts

    No regrets. Not one, not even one letter. This must be Scotty P’s from We Are the Millers new tattoo. If it isn’t then that person needs to be removed from the gene pool…We all know it’s spelled “No Ragrets”.

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    Letting the boys breathe

    I have never worked on the railroad, but from all the folk songs it sounds like a rough job. It’s got to be pretty tough if you blow the ass seam out of your pants, and decide its better just to let the boys air out then change pants.

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    What is going on here?

    What am I looking at…There’s a rabbit on a leash but there’s a dreded up guy in white sweats with osiris’s on…best part I’m pretty sure his hair just caught fire.