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    Pretty Woman On The Train

    Train rides are always much better if there is a hot chick you can look at. And if not, a creepy cross-dressing old guy is pretty entertaining too.

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    Centaur On The Subway

    Centaurs need to get around the city too, and sometimes the train is faster than traveling on foot. Centaurs have schedules to stick to like everyone else.  

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    A Modern Day Knight

    I wonder if he drank all the sodas himself to make tab armor suit he’s sporting. Can I read that National Geographic when you’re done with it?

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    Citating The Naked Cowgirl

    I think the cops are writing her a ticket for having her boobs hang down to her belly button. She calls herself the Naked Cowgirl, but she should be calling herself a tailor to get some clothes made so she can cover that mess up.