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    Serenity Now

    Some people find serenity through peaceful surroundings and meditations, and others find it by putting their baby’s toys through holes in their face. He doesn’t look like the meditation type to me.

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    She’s So Sophisticated

    Nothing says sophisticated like a top hat, ¬†monocle, and a handlebar mustache. Since she can’t grow a mustache, she just had one pierced to the inside of her nose. Now that’s high class.

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    Metal Bridge Nose

    The average nose piercing isn’t quite freaky enough for our man here. He likes to really stand out and cover his face with metal. I wonder if he could somehow poke his eye out with that thing. I’d like to see that.

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    They Tied The Knot

    Well, they did it. They finally tied the knot. Now they’ll be nose to nose for the rest of time. Or at least until they realize how bad of an idea this was. How about a game of tug-o-war.

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    Does This Plate Go With My Hair?

    Did you ever wonder what happens if a tribal African and a dirty hippie reproduce? Wonder no more, for that is how this plate-lipped freak was spawned. If you want to destroy him, you’ll need a bottle of shampoo.