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    Such A Big Mustache

    It’s mid Movember, and not every guy can grow a mustache, but he’s found a way to represent regardless. He should at least get a few points for creativity.

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    What Lovely Hair

    Dress up play time sure has changed over the years. I guess kids are starting on drugs earlier and earlier. Save some for us.

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    Two-Faced Man

    I think he might watching us, but I can’t tell for sure where he’s looking with those sunglasses on. Just be cool.

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    She’s So Sophisticated

    Nothing says sophisticated like a top hat, ¬†monocle, and a handlebar mustache. Since she can’t grow a mustache, she just had one pierced to the inside of her nose. Now that’s high class.

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    Can You Handle His Beard?

    Not too many people sport the handle bar mustache these days, but he’s intent on bringing it back. He’s got the whole handle bar beard going on. That’s more handle bars than anyone can hold on to.

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    One Fine Nazi

    This has to be the hottest chick with a mustache I’ve ever seen, although her fashion choices are a bit out there. I mean, just look at those shoes. Not cute at all.