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    Mini Mohawk

    He’s all done up for the wedding and looking good. He’s also got a flask of whiskey and for him and his lady. We all know weddings are a great place to hook up.

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    Dr. Weird Was Young Once

    I always thought that Dr. Weird was just a fictional character they made up for Aqua Teen Hunger Force, but apparently he’s a real guy. Check out this picture I found of him back when he was younger. He’s still sporting the same hair, but I’m not certain if he’s still dating ugly, chunky girls […]

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    Don’t Step On My Brue Suede Shoes

    Here’s a man who clearly takes pride in his hair, as should every Elvis impersonator. It’s not easy to be both Asian and the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll, but he pulls it off swimmingly.

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    Weave Me A Mohawk

    Ever since his girlfriend graduated with honors from her knitting class, she can’t stop using her new found skills. He knows the mohawk looks ridiculous, but his girl is so proud of her work.

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    His Daughter Did His Mohawk

    He’s comfortable with his manhood and not ashamed of playing with dolls, or of using them to accessorize. Give him some credit for finding a way to sport a mohawk even though he’s bald.

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    Look Into His Eyes

    Do you know what chicks like better than spikey mohawks? Zombie eyes. Do you know what chicks like better than zombie eyes? Nothing.

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    Metal Spike Mohawk Man

    He always wanted to be a stegosaurus, so the spikes in his head seemed like a brilliant idea. But now he can’t wear his helmet when he goes rollerblading.