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    Beaver tail hair

    Ok I can understand dreads if  they are uniform, tight, and taken care of. What I don’t understand is why someone wants a beaver tail on their head, unless they are crafting a dam in the local creek with it. More

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    Nerd Tattoos

    Girls with tattoos can be sexy. Girls with nerd tattoos normally aren’t. I’m willing to bet she is the later. She also is a red head, and you might be interested in checking out her fire power up tattoo. More

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    Take your pick

    Did I post this picture because of his butter teeth, unibrow, elf ears, or five head?….Either way you choose you’re right. More

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    Got His Eye On You

    You think he’s not looking, but he is. The all seeing eye never leaves the back of his head. You’re being watched right now. More

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    They Call Him Spike

    Face piercings are fun and all, but they just aren’t freaky enough anymore. But head spikes, they’re for the freak who thinks about his future. Don’t let him head butt you. More

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    This Is Her Good Side

    I always wanted to date a girl with half of her head shaved and covered in tattoos, but I didn’t think I’d ever find her. Just wait til I tell my mom about this one. She’ll be so happy for me. More