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    Holding Her Head

    Now that is a freaky haircut, but I think it would look better if she dyed the hands a darker color. Nice fangs too.

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    Mini Mohawk

    He’s all done up for the wedding and looking good. He’s also got a flask of whiskey and for him and his lady. We all know weddings are a great place to hook up.

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    Time For A Haircut

    She’s one hell of a hairstylist, that’s for sure. Human or animal, it doesn’t matter. You’re certain to get up out of her chair with a smile on your face. She’ll even hook your pubes up with a trim, if her tip is nice.

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    Two-Faced Man

    I think he might watching us, but I can’t tell for sure where he’s looking with those sunglasses on. Just be cool.

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    Dr. Weird Was Young Once

    I always thought that Dr. Weird was just a fictional character they made up for Aqua Teen Hunger Force, but apparently he’s a real guy. Check out this picture I found of him back when he was younger. He’s still sporting the same hair, but I’m not certain if he’s still dating ugly, chunky girls […]

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    The Elephant Man

    Some people like the mohawk, some prefer an afro, some go with the old fashioned perm, but then there’s this guy, who wakes up every morning and combs his elephant. You may think it looks silly, but the ladies love the trunk.

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    Don’t Step On My Brue Suede Shoes

    Here’s a man who clearly takes pride in his hair, as should every Elvis impersonator. It’s not easy to be both Asian and the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll, but he pulls it off swimmingly.

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    The Colonel’s finger licking recipe has had a huge influence on this man’s life, and it’s time he pays his respect the man who makes his chicken so delicious. I hope that haircut comes with a side of the Colonel’s mashed potatoes.

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    The Tipi Top

    At first I was thinking carrot top, but it almost looks more like a native’s tipi to me. I could see sitting down with the counsel inside her hair and hitting the chief’s peace pipe.

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    Every Day Is A Bad Hair Day

    You know he’s so proud of that lame haircut and completely deluded to the fact of how idiotic he looks. The skinny jeans don’t help his cause either.