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    She’s A Star

    She was born to be a star. Or maybe just a dumb looking chick with a bunch of stars tattooed on her face. It’s kind of the same thing.

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    Even Freaks Love Hello Kitty

    I’m not sure just what kind of look he’s going for, but I think he nailed it. He’ll definitely never regret those tattoos, and the hairdo is pretty styling. A little sun might be the worst thing for him.

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    Guess His Favorite Animal

    I have a hunch that this guy really likes tigers. I can understand getting stripes tattooed on your face, filing your teeth, piercing whiskers, but that tiger shirt is awful.

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    Sharp Sense Of Smell

    This guy could come in as a real handy friend to have around. You never know when you  might need a knife, and chances are you don’t carry one with you all the time. But he has two and I’m sure he’d share if you asked real nice.

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    Who Wants To Play Checkers?

    This is a good friend to have around. Whenever you’re bored, just break out some checkers and have a good time. Or chess if that’s your game of preference. You bring the pieces, he’ll bring the board.

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    His Face Is A Good Tattoo Canvas

    Want a give a shout out to somebody? Then just tattoo it on your face. Grandpa gets big props on the forehead, and I can’t help but stare at his mustache. I wonder what he smells right now.