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    Black Eye

    Some people just have to worrying black eyes when getting hit….this guy says why wait for that to happen.

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    Got His Eyes On You

    With two pairs of eyes, there probably isn’t much he doesn’t see. He should get sunglasses tattooed on his other arm for a more inconspicuous look.

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    Eye See Knives

    His mom always told him not to put his fingers in his eyes, so he found something else to use. That might not be quite what she meant, but hey, whatever works for him. The crowd seems to like it.  

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    Safety First

    Safety pins, safety glasses, what’s the difference really? The way I see it, you can make one out of the other. That’s the way he would see it too, if he could see anything. At least he has his goggles on to protect him from poking his eyes out.

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    Hello Four Eyes

    Did you meet my girlfriend yet? You can call her Four Eyes. She’s not from around here. Between you and me, this girl is a real freak, if you know what I’m saying. I think you do.

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    Look Into His Eyes

    Do you know what chicks like better than spikey mohawks? Zombie eyes. Do you know what chicks like better than zombie eyes? Nothing.