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    Do I Rook Pretty?

    Sometimes cosplay is sexy, and other times, it’s just plain creepy. This would certainly fall under the latter. I’m not certain, because you never can be sure with the Japanese, but I wouldn’t guess that Sailor Moon’s target audience is chubby 30 year old virgin men. On second thought, that’s probably exactly who they’re targeting.

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    Shopping For Dresses

    As pretty as his dress is, he needs another. A creepy, old, Asian guy can never have enough beautiful dresses to wear. Perhaps he can hit the beauty salon after shopping and touch up that do of his.

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    Think I’ll Take A Walk In The Park

    I was wondering what Snoop Dogg has been up to these days. I guess he’s put the thug in him on the side and is out to be fabulous now. Just look at him strut his stuff.