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    So your power is out?

    Yeah knowledge is power, or at least that’s what the G.I. Joes taught me as a kid. After looking at this tattoo though, I think you’re running off AA’s. Time to sit down with spell checker and recharge son.

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    Muscled Magda

    A fit chick is always nice, but there is definitely a limit. That limit is far gone over by Magda here. She looks like she could be Ivan Dragos twin sister. Just when she says “I must crush you” there’s a hint of kinkiness with the fear.

  • Freakishly Tall Chick

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    Freakishly Tall Chick

    At first I wanted to say this was a optical illusion, then after some serious photo studying (I was trying to see her underwear) I have come to the conlcusion she is freakishly tall. That or the other chick is freakishly short, which might be very true too.