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    So your power is out?

    Yeah knowledge is power, or at least that’s what the G.I. Joes taught me as a kid. After looking at this tattoo though, I think you’re running off AA’s. Time to sit down with spell checker and recharge son. More

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    What Celeb Sports This Freaky Tattoo?

    Can you match the celebs to their freaky tattoos? Some tattoos are ok, then some are just plain freaky. Just a hint, Ice Cone tattoo is one of the tattoos. Let’s see how well you know your celebrities or even know their tattoos. It’s fun and free. Click to check it out now. More

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    Muscled Magda

    A fit chick is always nice, but there is definitely a limit. That limit is far gone over by Magda here. She looks like she could be Ivan Dragos twin sister. Just when she says “I must crush you” there’s a hint of kinkiness with the fear. More

  • Freakishly Tall Chick
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    Freakishly Tall Chick

    At first I wanted to say this was a optical illusion, then after some serious photo studying (I was trying to see her underwear) I have come to the conlcusion she is freakishly tall. That or the other chick is freakishly short, which might be very true too. More