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School girls aren’t what they used to be


 Wow, I used to think a school girl outfit would make anything hot. Leave it to the Japanese to convince me otherwise on yet another ideal I believed to be solid truth.

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Delicious food. Terrible tattoo


Being a TMNT kid growing up my love for pizza knows no boundaries. That was until now, pizza is for your mouth not your skin.

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Snooki, what happened


What happened to you Snooki…I mean you were never something to really look at, but damn. This woman looks like you could iron out all of her leather, and start your own Faux Louis Vuitton company.

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The scary revelations of High Def

So that’s what High Def does to Rocky Horror Picture Show? Every time a updated movie from my childhood Is brought to HD it’s like they are just trying to show me how ugly showbiz really is.

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Avengers Assemble


Finally, it’s been quite awhile since this site has had a good tattoo grace the pages. This makes me wish Magneto was the next villain to fight the Avengers. Then I could also have a movie of Juggernaut fighting the Hulk , which would be choice.

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