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Lady and Her Cat Are Unicorns


Talk about a rare find. I would have never thought to see a unicorn. Then I seen two unicorns, and my mind was blown. I feel like the cat actually made the lady put the unicorn horn on, and then take the picture. The woman has no control over decision making anymore, now that the evil cat has taken over.

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Wifebeater Suntan Freak


Welcome to Freaky Mart sir. It seems your awesome suntan was brought to our attention, and we would like to honor your suntan…I mean sunburn. Just wait until he tries to sleep tonight.

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Lieutenant Les McBurney


Congratulations Lieutenant Les McBurney, your name is the greatest name in the history of firemen. No where has a fireman been more approriate that the great Mexican fireman Hose Firedown. He was great, but you are the real hero here!

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Walmart Movie Night


There is never anything to watch on TV anymore! So what do you do? You pack up the family and head out to Walmart. Maybe you want to see the new Monsters Inc movie, or heck a classic like The Rocky Horror Picture Show. He seems like he’s into some weird things in life.

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Nailed It: Candy Lips

She totally nailed the candy lips!

She totally nailed those Candy Lips. I would say she is actually spot on for how amazing her lips look like the artistic vision on the top.

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