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She’s Unbeweaveable


 Wow and I thought it was a little too festive to go out and buy some fancy dress/suit for Easter. I hope she really really likes Easter to be rocking this for a few months, because even though that weave look cheap she’s not about to waste any money.

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The human bullfrog


 I have no idea what the front looks like, but I’m ok with this. Those must be some seriously compressive yoga pants.

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For Science


 This guys face is like that cow they have at that one lab. the cow has a hole like this on its side were it’s stomach is and you can reach/look as it makes grass into cud. this guy has the same idea just he decided to use his dumb face…I just want to know how he drinks.

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The dumbest weed tattoo


 What a idiotic tattoo. Now not only are cops and potential employers going to give you guff, but you look like you’re carrying around a cockroach on your thumb.

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School girls aren’t what they used to be


 Wow, I used to think a school girl outfit would make anything hot. Leave it to the Japanese to convince me otherwise on yet another ideal I believed to be solid truth.

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