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    Thats not rain

     I don’t know what the idea for this tattoo. All I do know is judging by color and origin, I don’t want anything to do with that rain storm.

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    A itch you can’t scratch

     Man this guy is either suffering the itchiest optic nerve, or is a complete idiot. I’m going with the later, anyways he needs to watch or having a lazy eye won’t be his only problem.

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    Woah a tattoo that is equally metal as it is trippy. This is a pretty wicked tattoo, but I think should be accompanied by more metal fractal tatts to even out the torso symmetric.

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    Playing those head games

     Well this is a good piece of dumb knowledge. When a girl plays head games with you you feel like your life is over, and when your friend does the same apparently you have a great time. Another tid bit of knowledge for you is never cut your hair like this…it’s lame.

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